Thursday, February 19, 2015

Until Someday

by Mycheille Norvell

I feel for you
  your heart and your essence--
      they call to me

Over oceans
    over the roaring of rivers--
        I hear your oh so gentle voice call

Your tone is the only one
  I'd wait to hear--
   for my heart to dance to your melody

You are the one
     I'd wait forever to know--
         but I hope it is only minutes

For waiting for you
    Takes more patience
       than I knew I had

And waiting for you
   makes me remember why I'm waiting--
       but I don't know you... or do I?

Has my soul not spoken to yours?
     Have our spits not already danced
         far beyond the night sky?

Have we not yearned?
Have we not prayed?
 Waiting yet knowing there was some extra reason
  you were on my mind

God has given us time
   not to worry or overthink--
     but to fall more in love

And I'm already in love with you--
  If only I knew your name
        and knew your smile by heart....

But that can wait until someday

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I will remember

I will always remember you,
  for your kindness and your serenity

I will always remember you,
  for the laughter and your softness

I will always remember you,
  for the good times and for the troubling ones

I will always remember you,
  in the tears and in the rainbows

I will always remember you,
   because you are thinking of me
   and because I am always thinking of you

I will always remember you,
  for you and I are pulled towards each other,

I will always remember you,
  and I will be the one to help you
  no matter how many times you fall

And I will always remember you,
  even if I never know you

 Because though I don't know you yet,
  doesn't mean I won't remember you

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dangerous To Me

by Mycheille Norvell

You are Dangerous to me,
   my Kryptonite in human form;
tugging my heart,
   pulling me until I'm torn,

You are dangerous to me,
   A love and lust too strong;
Remembering our first kiss,
   but knowing more now is wrong;

You are dangerous to me;
   One question, one answer,
No denials from me to you;
   overwhelming me like cancer;

You are dangerous to me,
  Because you are the only one
Who could ask anything of me,
   And I'd be yours, no care of my own

You are dangerous to me,
   So I stay away,
   I hold my tongue,
   knowing that to hold you once is to hold you everyday;

You are dangerous to me,
    Because I know your impact,
But it doesn't stop the love and need...
   No, with you I lose myself and lose my tact;

That's why you are dangerous to me...  

Monday, December 22, 2014

easy make doughnuts

homemade doughnuts using pillsbury grand rolls dough! :D Seriously so much fun and took maybe 10 minutes to make the whole single batch!

I just wanted to share how great this was of an easy recipe

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our peace

Maybe I am letting go
  but maybe it is all just show

Maybe I am running away
  but maybe it is just say

Maybe I am moving on
  but maybe I am just a pawn

Maybe I am waiting here
  but maybe I am the one to steer

Maybe I am not the only one
  maybe you are the one who felt alone
Round and round we've gone
  but too long

But maybe its time to cease
  and recognize our peace.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Not yet

Sometimes I wish you could hear my thoughts
   to hear me screaming out the truth...
   but those words aren't allowed to be spoken...
   not here.

Sometimes I wish I could tell you
   what I really feel when I see you...
   but that truth could lead to so much pain...
   not now.

Sometimes I wish I could kiss you
   so I knew if that passion is still there...
   but what am I supposed to do when you don't kiss me back...
   not this.

Sometimes I wish I heard what you thought
   because I see the look in your eyes
   and I know you feel it too by the red in your cheek...
   not yet.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen
   if we both could tell each other how we really felt
   because then... maybe we could finally know that
   it's time.

by Mycheille Norvell

So let it go

I wrote this in 2011, but just found it again today :) I just really liked it! still true today!! 

So let it Go
I know more than I show
                  I am just waiting;
I feel more than I let on
                  I am just patient;
I see more than you know
                  I am just watching;

You don’t know what I am
                  I’m a mystery;
You don’t know what I feel
                  I’m a journey all on my own;
You don’t know what I see
                  I’m not in the past…

                  So let it go.