Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When Pumpkin falls for Ladybug!

This was based off of a writing assignment in one of my final college writing classes. My assignment was pretty fun so I wanted to share. We had to take an inanimate object from our yard that falls in love with a ladybug, but we have to show it without thoughts only actions. I hope you enjoy!

The pumpkin water pail sits silently in the grass, dirt smudging his uncannily happy face. He is unmoved, untouched by the difficulties of human emotion. He is unchanged and practically expressionless besides the painted smile given to him at his creation.
But as another day comes, the sun rising over the Pumpkin’s little garden, a flutter of red passes his eye. His eyes follow it to a soft pink petal not far from him, and suddenly the painted smile changes to a thin, gentle smirk. The wind blows slightly, and Pumpkin begins to roll along the grass towards the little ladybug. His handle skims the little bug’s flower and she hovers for a moment before landing on his thin black handle. His mouth forms a surprised “O” as he looks up at her; his cheeks turn a light pink over orange. Ladybug rubbed her hands together before fluttering away from the garden.
The next few days, the little ladybug continued to return to the Pumpkin’s garden. Pumpkin became aware of how dirty his outer shell was. So before Ladybug could enter his home, he would roll to the edge of the pond to clean himself. One day he moved towards her, happily rolling along. He took in one large breath before stopping smoothly in front of her favorite flower. He smiles largely at her and she turns her tiny eyes too him—she looks surprised.
Pumpkin begins to jump around excitedly, and Ladybug watches him with interest. After awhile though, Ladybug turns away and closes her wings tightly. Pumpkin’s expression falls as he rolls to the other side of the flower, but Ladybug turns away again.
The wind picks up and a branch flies at Ladybug’s flower, knocking her off into the wind. She looks frightened. Pumpkin jumps into the air and catches her, falling to the ground over the hole that allows him to breathe. He starts to roll off of the hole, but the wind continues to roar, pulling at Ladybug. So Pumpkin continues to hold himself upside down, his breath dying. The Ladybug cuddles up against his skin. She pushes at him as he gasps at his last breath. Pumpkin begins to roll from Ladybug’s help to a spot in the yard the wind does not touch.
Ladybug flutters outside and lands on Pumpkin’s painted nose, but he does not react to her. She jumps and crawls over him, but still he seems to be unmoved. Ladybug flutters to ground and cuddles against Pumpkin. Pumpkin’s expression changes slightly as he looks down at Ladybug and he smiles, closing his ey

Monday, July 21, 2014

Believing in you

Here I am believing in you,
  falling in love
but it still isn't new

What has changed
  since not long before
I closed my heart
  and found a new door?

Will you walk through
  with the love I desire
and open up to
  an unstoppable fire

Here I am falling into love,
  without knowing your name,
only a face and a vision
  of your feeling the same

How ridiculous to fall
  for something not yet real
But why else would I feel
  as if I must answer the call?

Here I stand,
  waiting for you to see me
and for me to finally meet this man
  that I already believe
     can be the marrying kind

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beyond a Kiss

This is personal, and some people reading this will probably wonder why I even would share this, but a few will understand.

I miss being kissed. But beyond the desire to be kissed comes a desire to have a beautiful love that accompanies it. When I was younger I was told my life was like a movie, especially a Romantic Comedy; but here I am waiting for the dramedy to end and the romance to be evoked once more. I used to have the silliest things happen in my life that made me laugh and cry and praise God, because my life was the perfect example of a fun and entertaining young RomCom. What happened in between High School and now that made that movie go to pause?

I used to believe in the passion and perfection of love at first sight, and love in spite of unforeseen circumstances. I used to believe that those crazy, unbelievable moments of love could truly happen, and that people could be so in love that it lasts a lifetime. Sadly I stopped believing that somewhere along the way, when heartbreak struck me. The magic of what I had once believed in had begun to disappear with the entrance of my sorrow and shame.

But then here I am once more, watching romantic movies, or seeing lovers on the streets proving the misery wrong. Love exists, even if just in a moment. But I want more than the moment, or to be loved until something more acceptable comes along.

I want to be kissed. But I want that kiss to be entrancing, and magnificent. I want that kiss to remind me of your love, and what it feels like to believe in magic. I was lucky enough that my very first kiss held this. He and I had been good friends for years, and as I left my old town to start fresh somewhere, my friend offered me the sweetest, tenderest kiss with a story that I still look at with fond memories. It is this kiss that shows me it can happen again. Thank you--you know who you are, though you may never read this--thank you for giving me that one moment of perfection to show me perfect moments can exist.

Perhaps it seems I think too much, and it is probably too true. I'm an over-thinker and an over-dreamer, but it is only because I have seen true love before, and felt it for a brief moment, and I know that someday I could have it again. Everyone deserves that bit of perfection... and it starts with a meeting, a few precious moments strung together, leading to that kiss that decides it.

What a kiss it would be.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Romance isn't dead, just hard to find
Ok I can't say I like this article but I am posting for a reason... This article basically suggests that "the notebook" created an unrealistic ideal for love in general. In some ways for our modern day world perhaps these things are true, but A) I've still heard some pretty epic love stories or things men have done for their ladies. B) this movie was set at least 50 years ago!!! Of course you could romantically lay in the street in the middle of the night (in my old town you probably still could) there will be things we can't still do today but how does that make it unrealistic?
Unlikely? Oh yeah, but I've known men that go the distance romantically and I believe that if you are genuinely wanting that kind of love it could happen though it may not constantly be that way. Enjoy your love. Enjoy the big moments and the small ones!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Please don't lie

Here is a statement that few will read, fewer will listen to, but a few will take heed of...

Please people, even the few that decide to read this, do not lie to those you love. I know that no one is blameless when it comes to white lies, or even an occasional whopper, leaving us asking ourselves later, "Why did I even lie about that?" or "Why did I change that detail?" For some reason, there is an odd need to lie sometimes, but you know what? That is not being human... being human does not mean giving into our worst desires--being human is being aware of those desires and understanding the difference.
Today more than ever our generation uses the excuse, "I'm only human..." as an excuse for bad behavior, but what if instead when we do something good we say, "What can I say? I'm only human!" Let being human be a good thing instead of something that defines a cruel, insensitive race that cares only for themselves.
I have personally been injured by terrible lies, and lies piled on lies. Causing me to ask the question, "Why is he even lying anymore when I told him I knew he was lying?" why is it that there is a need to cover your butt, when you've already been caught in deceit? Be honest people... own up to what has happened. People will either love you through it anyway, or let you go. Sometimes when people let go it is because we pushed them beyond their breaking point... that doesn't mean they stopped believing in you, it just means they got tired of trying for now. You haven't lost that trust and belief forever, but just until you transform your heart.
I was the person that was absolutely willing to love through all the lies, in hopes that he would finally show his honesty, but instead I was bit in the but because of my kindness... please don't do this to people!
There are good people under those lies, and that is what I believe in for people, no matter what they have done... but goodness people, you need to be willing to change from that lying past. It's ok to admit what has happened, but unless you start to trust those you love enough to tell them the truth, how can you expect to grow from it?
Let's grow together instead of further apart!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Right here

Where are you sir?
   the one that I am meant for....

Where are you my one?
   shouldn't we know each other yet?
   shouldn't we be starting our story?

Where are you my love?
   Can you really wait any longer?

Where are you sir...?
   you're right here, aren't you?
   right under my nose.

there you are

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A raindrop on our soul
  a rainbow on my entire life

Who are you on this road
   to impact me from so far?

A hero to my damsel
  a kingdom to my king

Who are you on this journey
   that you will still find me when I need you?

You are the warrior in peacetime
   and the sunshine through the rain

You are the King of my heart
   and yet a mystery to my eyes

You are....