Friday, April 24, 2015

Easy homemade supreme pizza under $5

So I keep meaning to post my recipes more often, but today I will begin again! So this is an easy recipe that I discovered one day when I was starving! :)

So my mom and I are kind of piggies when it comes to Totinos pizza, so we usually each have one of our own. So depending on how many people you are having, you can do multiple pizzas. I always end up making a lot of extra hamburger, so it would easily feed 2 more people!

So here is the list of things you need, but you can add or subtract anything you want: (this is suggested for 2 people, so add about an extra 1/4 of the veggies)

Cheese Totinos Pizza
1/2  cup chopped green pepper
1/3 cup chopped yellow onion
1-2 chopped
roma tomatoes
1 lb hamburger (you can make less if desired)
1 cup mozzarella cheese
pepper and garlic seasoning to taste

OPTIONAL: garlic clove

Preheat oven to 400.

Turn stove to medium-medium high heat to brown the hamburger. After it is initially separated and no longer pink, add about 1/2 cup water to the pan and add seasoning. This is where I cut up the garlic clove and let it simmer with the hamburger for about 15 minutes until water is totally gone.

While hamburger is simmering, start chopping veggies. I usually chop them very small so that it looks just like the supreme pizza on Totinos pizzas usually. put pizzas on a pizza pan and add veggies. Once the hamburger is done put on top of veggies and then add as much mozzarella as you wish on each pizza. Put in oven for about 20-25 minutes. I like my cheese a little browned so I keep it in a little longer than most people.

Then cut your pizza and enjoy! Because Totinos pizza has such a crispy crust, it makes for a perfectly crisp and delicious pizza that is roughly about $5 dollars to make! Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

To Mr. Right

Where are you? Whoever you are, I seriously am so ready to meet you.

To some of you I may seem crazy, but seriously after waiting a year after being with the wrong person for five years, I'm just so ready to meet Him! I see all these other people who are single moms like me, and they find good men, but for me I always use that as my excuse as to why I won't find someone... Because it scares men away, but obviously those aren't the good men I guess, or at least not the good ones ready for that kind of leap of faith. I know that when you enter into a relationship with a single parent that it means you are taking a risk... I get that. I just hope that when he comes along, that he doesn't pass me by. What I want so desperately is for him to love me, while also loving my daughter. I would love it if a man ended up meeting me when my daughter was with me, and fell so in love with her immediately...

I just feel like I'm waiting and waiting for my life to restart... I definitely know a man doesn't start your life, but I do miss having someone to love in that special way. I miss having someone to cuddle with that is taller than me instead of 3 feet shorter ;) And I miss kissing someone I love... I feel a little lost, because I feel like he is so close and I just keep missing him. I wish that he and I could just see each other and instantly know that we are meant to meet... but does it really work like that anymore? You hear about it happening every so often, but anymore? Not so much... but could it still?

I'm an overly romantic person, I always have been, and I just want someone else that is that way too, even if it is in a different way than I am. I want someone is unafraid of adventures, and someone who isn't afraid of being totally in love. I'm not afraid of being stupidly in love, I guess I'm more afraid that the person I fall for won't catch me once I really fall for him... because that's what happened before. But I believe in love, and I know that someday he and I will meet... I'm just a little too impatient for it.

But to whoever you are, not that you are reading this, but could you hurry and meet me already :D Thanks
  The woman who wants to love you

Friday, March 27, 2015

Still Waiting

I wait
Wondering what I'll hear
Wandering through my thoughts

I wait
Longing to know your feelings
Lingering to hear my hopes affirmed

I wait
desperately wishing I'll find out
Dancing through desires that you sill care

I stop
Reminding myself you may not
Restoring my once sound mind

I stop because...
even without you
I'm still waiting

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

the Thought of Loving you

When I think of loving you,
   my heart is overwhelmed with joy

When I think of loving you
   I remember how much I miss you

When I think of loving you
   I finally feel whole

When I think of loving you
  I forget you aren't what I'm supposed to want

When I think of loving you
   I don't worry about the future

So why can't I think of loving you?

Because when I think of loving you
   I remember you are hers...

And that I'm not allowed to love you like that...
  I wish that stopped me from thinking of loving you

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Until Someday

by Mycheille Norvell

I feel for you
  your heart and your essence--
      they call to me

Over oceans
    over the roaring of rivers--
        I hear your oh so gentle voice call

Your tone is the only one
  I'd wait to hear--
   for my heart to dance to your melody

You are the one
     I'd wait forever to know--
         but I hope it is only minutes

For waiting for you
    Takes more patience
       than I knew I had

And waiting for you
   makes me remember why I'm waiting--
       but I don't know you... or do I?

Has my soul not spoken to yours?
     Have our spits not already danced
         far beyond the night sky?

Have we not yearned?
Have we not prayed?
 Waiting yet knowing there was some extra reason
  you were on my mind

God has given us time
   not to worry or overthink--
     but to fall more in love

And I'm already in love with you--
  If only I knew your name
        and knew your smile by heart....

But that can wait until someday

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I will remember

I will always remember you,
  for your kindness and your serenity

I will always remember you,
  for the laughter and your softness

I will always remember you,
  for the good times and for the troubling ones

I will always remember you,
  in the tears and in the rainbows

I will always remember you,
   because you are thinking of me
   and because I am always thinking of you

I will always remember you,
  for you and I are pulled towards each other,

I will always remember you,
  and I will be the one to help you
  no matter how many times you fall

And I will always remember you,
  even if I never know you

 Because though I don't know you yet,
  doesn't mean I won't remember you

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dangerous To Me

by Mycheille Norvell

You are Dangerous to me,
   my Kryptonite in human form;
tugging my heart,
   pulling me until I'm torn,

You are dangerous to me,
   A love and lust too strong;
Remembering our first kiss,
   but knowing more now is wrong;

You are dangerous to me;
   One question, one answer,
No denials from me to you;
   overwhelming me like cancer;

You are dangerous to me,
  Because you are the only one
Who could ask anything of me,
   And I'd be yours, no care of my own

You are dangerous to me,
   So I stay away,
   I hold my tongue,
   knowing that to hold you once is to hold you everyday;

You are dangerous to me,
    Because I know your impact,
But it doesn't stop the love and need...
   No, with you I lose myself and lose my tact;

That's why you are dangerous to me...